Penn State University

September 29, 2018


University of oregon

September 21-22, 2018

Texas Christian University

September 13-15, 2018

Being able to witness Maria in her element was an unforgettable experience. She is such a genuine person and so willing to help guide aspiring broadcasters navigate this challenging business. I think the best part was she was very honest about what it takes to make it to a big platform as a woman and how to separate yourself. I left the day with so much respect and appreciation for what Maria does, and who she is as a person.
— Jada Butts, Former TCU WBB Player, on her shadow experience with Maria T.

Texas A&M University

September 6-8, 2018

Corinne and Maria spent time sharing knowledge and providing first hand experience for student-athletes 

Florida State University athletic department

March 26-27

Maria provided media training to the FSU Football team and spoke to female student-athletes before sharing some time with the FSU Volleyball team.  Corinne and maria also spent some time sharing their story with young professionals working in the FSU athletic department and the womens basketball team.

“Having Maria and Corinne come speak to our players and staff about their success in the world of athletics was tremendous. The Winning Edge Leadership Academy is genuinely making a positive impact on young professionals who desire to get into sports business. The sports world can be difficult to break into. Having mentors like Maria and Corinne, who are truly dedicated to telling their stories and sharing their paths to success, helps encourage and motivate others to do the same.”
— Coach Sue Semrau, Head Coach Florida State Women's Basketball
“Maria and Corinne were awesome! For them to take the time out of their busy schedules and come and sit down with my team and I meant a lot. They shared great tips and advice that they’ve learned throughout their experiences. Even though it
was my first time meeting Maria and Corinne, I genuinely felt the love right when I walked in the room and really felt that they wanted me to succeed. It’s refreshing to know that there are people out there like them who are willing to help us chase our dreams.”
— Player | Florida State Women's Basketball

2018 global entertainment + sport conference

University of Miami, April 5-6

Maria Taylor served as a keynote speaker to open the 2018 Global entertainment + sport conference while corinne served as a panelist on A New Voice: The Rise of Athlete Activism in a Social Media Driven World.