In December 2014, co-founders Corinne and Maria had a conversation about the life opportunities they experienced because of mentors and a support system that believed in them every step of their journey.

They became motivated by a simple question:
“What are we doing to help the next generation?”


Corinne milien

Currently the executive director off the winning edge, Corinne is a veteran, former coach, and adjunct professor who has experienced the benefits of mentors and a network of influence.  Working as a graduate assistant for Pat Summitt and Tennessee women's basketball team she saw first hand how people can influence the journey of student-athletes beyond the game.


Maria taylor

A former All-SEC volleyball player and women's basketball player at the University of Georgia, Maria knows the demands of student-athletes on and off the court.  Currently one of the faces for  ESPN's College Game Day and college basketball Maria has the platform and experience to provide a positive example for student-athletes.

“Only one door has to be opened to change a person’s life forever. Nothing that I have accomplished in my professional career has happened without first having a mentor unlock a door for me. In an industry like sports broadcasting, the barriers to entry can be high and networking can define your career. Thankfully, my mentors have introduced me to decision makers while endorsing, encouraging, and advising me. These individuals never let me quit on my dreams but also gave me the tools to accomplish them. And now I would like to be that essential support system for somebody else.”
— Maria T., Co-Founder

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