Here We Are

We are told that whatever is put out on the internet is there forever.  It can never be deleted. So I want to make the first first blog post one a good one because WE are going to change lives.

Two years ago I recognized my purpose.  That is a big statement but it is true.  If our paths have ever crossed you know I basically have been doing it already in some capacity. The Winning Edge Leadership Academy is the response to recognizing that purpose.   Three months away from launching the first class of Winning Edge Leadership Academy students and mentors, I can't help but to think about my journey so far. Little Known Fact: there was a time in my life I just knew I was going to be a youth minister.  I had who I still think was the best one backed by a Core Team that made me feel like I was never alone. What a novel idea, right? They say it takes a village.

If you know anything about me you know that I have had many stops along my post-high school journey. I have had the honor of serving our country, coach high school basketball and softball in Germany and Georgia, work in the athletic department at Bemidji State learning a lot about hockey, be a Swiss army knife for the Air Force Falcons women's basketball team as a manager, be a sponge as the graduate assistant for the Tennessee Lady Volunteers, and currently teaching sport management classes at Johnson C. Smith University. There is no sugar coating it... IT HAS BEEN PRETTY AWESOME! More importantly all of these stops provided lessons and insight into what would ultimately become the Winning Edge.   Each one of these stops prepared me and provided little nuggets that I would save for later and use to dream up the Winning Edge.

I like sports. My favorites (in no particular order): Golf, basketball, bowling, softball/baseball. Don't worry I can watch or participate in any sport. Sports have given me the opportunity to have great experiences and meet even better people.  You might say I should be content with that.  I can't. There is no way I can sit on my hands enjoying my way of life when there are those who struggle to have the same opportunity.  Its 20015, let's call it for what it is: the demographics of decision makers in sport do not always reflect the demographics of those competing between the lines.  Our goal for the Winning Edge is not to blame or point fingers but to better equip.  We want to do more than just give our students a fish, we want to teach them how to fish and the skills needed to find the best spot to fish.  We want to break down barriers.