18 Game Changing Retreat

Game Changing Retreat Experience: Alyssa Rice

Going into this retreat I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. With mixed emotions of nerves and excitement, I couldn’t wait to see what the weekend had in store. I remember sitting in the check-in room for hours after check-in was complete and talking with the other cohort members.

What I Didn't Expect: Haley Woodard

I would be lying if I said I was prepared for what was to come at the first ever Game Changing Retreat, but the truth is that I simply was not. Yes, I did the pre-retreat homework, which consisted of reading a book from a specific list, reaching out to two other cohorts, contacting your mentor and one other mentor, and completing any other homework assigned by your mentor.


Influential people from across the industry will join the 2018 Game Changing Retreat Cohort for a unique networking experience in Miami next week.