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Listen to Noor’s Pre-Game Interview.
Done by former Game Changer Haley Ryan.



A native of Sacramento, California, Noor is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is currently majoring in History, with a minor in Ethnic Studies.  A student-athlete on the Huskers’ women’s golf team, Noor is the first female Muslim golfer in NCAA history.  Off the golf course, Noor is a Nebraska Scholar-Athlete, as well as, Co-Founder of N-volved. N-volved is a social climate group for student-athletes to have discussions surrounding social issues. On the golf course, Noor has helped set 18, 36, and 54-hole team university records. 

As the first female Muslim golfer in NCAA history, Noor’s journey to history has not been untroubled. As a participant in a majority white, male dominant sport, Noor’s often received discriminatory treatment. Those experiences did not deter her from aspiring to become an elite golfer. Instead, Noor used the unfair treatment imposed on her as a motivation to be a change agent. Noor is committed to being an example for other minority athletes striving to dismantle barriers.

Deeply rooted in her culture, Noor strongly believes that she has the right to exist as her authentic self. She is a firm believer that if you are doing things the right way it will be recognized. Noor is hopeful that in a system that does not always support the professional success of minorities, she can become a collegiate athletic administrator.