talaya wilkins, segment producer

Talaya Wilkins currently holds a Segment Producer position at ESPN. In this role, she is responsible for daily show segments that blend the latest in sports news and pop culture, while bridging together a collection of rotating guests and analysts.

Her broad knowledge of both the studio and remote side of production have contributed to her keen ability to identify and discern compelling content that speaks to the evolving lens of sports, news and pop culture. As a result, she has had producing stints on SportsCenter's 'SC6' and 'His & Hers' alongside Michael Smith and Jemele Hill. In her tenure she has covered a number of remote events ranging from the ESPYs/EMMYs red carpet coverage to four NBA Finals appearances. In addition to her professional portfolio, I was nominated and chosen as one of ESPN’s Inspiring Women in 2018 for Women’s History Month.

She is an avid sports fan and former Division I basketball player that still enjoys coming out of retirement from time to time, traveling the ends of earth and networking.