Jen Fry

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Owner-Phd Candidate Michigan State University

JenFryTalks is a social justice education firm who uses conversation to educate and empower those within athletics through an anti-racist lens on issues of race, inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, and equity. We facilitate conversation with small and large groups, athletic departments, athletic teams, staff, administrations, schools, affinity groups, identity groups and much more. We use our antiracist lens to advise on best practices that will create equitable searches, hiring, onboarding practices, methods of retaining staff, retaining student-athletes, supporting student-athletes, staff and coaches, and community building. Jen Fry is a veteran coach with over 15 years of experience at the collegiate level with coaching stints at Elon University, University of Illinois - 2011 National Runner-up, Washington State University, and Norfolk State University. She has had speaking engagements or consulted with the American Volleyball Coaches Association, Gilman School, Black Student-Athlete Summit, Durham County Sheriffs, Western Michigan University, East Carolina University, and more. Jen Fry recently completed her first TedxDuke talk titled “Radical Social Justice Education Through High Fives.”