Peter Sorckoff

Peter Sorckoff.jpeg

Seer World
Co-founder and Managing Partner

As the founder and managing partner of Seer World (a research design and strategy shop), Sorckoff brings over 20 years of marketing, branding, strategy and creative big thinking to the table. Peter’s professional life began in a therapeutic environment and set his professional lens to ‘people first.’ That starting point has served him well in the NBA, NHL, MLB and broader world of professional sports. Prior to the creation of Seer World, Sorckoff served as Chief Creative Officer & EVP Brand for the Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena where he managed the brand, marketing, digital, creative, production/content, innovation, and retail teams. Peter also built an internal agency which changed the paradigm of sports partnerships while piloting new marketing programs for Coca-Cola, Anheuser Busch, Diageo, and FanDuel to name a few. In addition to his day to day responsibilities, Sorckoff led the repositioning and rebranding of the Hawks franchise, served as design lead on the $200M dollar renovation of State Farm Arena, the $40M Emory Courts practice facility and worked with Coca-Cola to integrate their global innovation platform (Bridge Community) into the broader franchise.

Recognized for creating ‘first in sports,’ Sorckoff has also delivered on the international stage having worked with the Olympics and in Australian sports.

Now, that wealth of passion and experience drives Seer World to deliver the same results for their brand and property clients.