Justin holliman


georgia Attorney General's Office
Part-time clerk

I am a graduate from Limestone College, located in Gaffney, South Carolina, with a double major in Business and Sports Management. Being a member of an athletic team taught me values that will have relevance in my professional life such as teamwork, accountability, and disagreeing the right way. Since college, I moved back to my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. I was able to get experience shadowing in production environments with Turner Sports, Georgia Public Broadcasting, and Georgia State Athletics. These opportunities served as intern like experiences for me. I was able to learn different things from each stop. On my spare time, I run a social media account called “Digit Clips,” in which I put out basketball and cultured centered content. I started my own Instagram account because I wanted to get a personal viewpoint of what content consumers are attracted to and how to engage audiences. Ultimately, I desire to work in consumer strategy and insights, but I want to start as a social media editor. I believe with my sports background, ability to function in a team environment, and my desire to learn the media industry would make me a good fit with a company. In my personal time I enjoy being around the game of basketball. I assist in training young kids ages 10-18 in skill development. Ultimately, the knowledge I attain I aim to give back. I believe the challenges we face in life is ultimately to help someone else who may face those similar trials.